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The Oracle of the Angels of September 15.09.2016

resta coi piedi per terra

It remains down to earth

This card indicates that you need to root your energy and your attention to the land . That’s why you feel dreamy , confused or distracted . You are ” uprooted ” because your focus is too high , as if I did not live in your body . It’s necessary to recover the balance between spirituality and materialism. For radicarti , walking barefoot on the grass or on the ground , eating vegetables that grow underground , such as potatoes or carrots , touches a tree or a plant , shows the roots that branch out from the soles of your feet and sink into the soil . Doing so will help you concentrate and you focus more, and also boost your contact with the Angels . Send love and light to Mother Earth !

Nadia Aglianò  Translated by Noemy Zaffiro

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