Tarot of the Archangels of august 08th 2016

Tla luna

The moon

It ‘s time to review your plans ! There is something wrong and your angels and guides they’re doing fondly note . The big news is that you psychic and intuitive abilities are enhanced at this time . Listen to your intuition and your dreams to figure out how to fix things . Archangel Haniel can help you develop your psychic gift and to show you what are the aspects of the situation that escape you . It’ s Human have times when we feel anxious and insecure . This card wants to reassure you by telling you that if you face your fears , you can overcome them and evolve to a higher level . Ask Archangel Haniel to illuminate all the facets of your life .

Nadia Aglianò  Translated by Noemy Zaffiro

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