Guardian Angels Tarot cards of May 8th 2016

4 di abbondanza

Four Bountiful

This card asks you to take a break to think about your relationship with money .

You spend too much or live frugally , instead of using it to give you joy?

It ‘s important to manage your savings in a balanced way , to be ready for the future , but this should not prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest in the present.

This concerns both the financial resources that the energetic and emotional .

So , you ask yourself : ” Mixed granting emotionally too easily or am I holding back ? ”

It is very important to do charity for serious organizations or people need .

Get thoughtlessness the idea of ​​dedicating time or deposit money for a cause that is particularly dear to you .

Nadia Aglianò  Translated by Noemy Zaffiro

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